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The E5 hiking route service offer

Welcome to the E5 long-distance hiking route from Oberstdorf to Merano/Bolzano (I). The innocent abbreviation "E5" belies one of the most beautiful and extraordinary hiking routes in Europe. 

Are you looking for a place to stay? 
Our Skihütte Zams on the Krahberg / Venet lies at the midpoint of the trail - we don't just offer cosy accommodations in an enjoyable atmosphere, we've also put together a special package for you.

E5 hiking route service offer

  • breakfast buffet 
  • dinner buffet with salad bar
  • free laundry service 
  • plenty of hot water for everyone
  • information about the current weather
  • information about the next hiking stage

Adult prices are in Euro per person/night.
Kids prices are in Euro per person/night (min. 2 full-payers and for max. 3 kids from 5 - 14.9 years)
Kids up to 4.9 years: for free

Enjoy delicious meals and a restful night in our lodge!

If you do not reach the final Venet cable car, we offer a shuttle service to the lodge for Euro 10.- per person (no dogs allowed in the shuttle).

Dear guests,
You'll also have the option of booking a partial massage to relieve any discomfort and soreness or treat yourself to a recovery after physical exertion. If interested, please, for organizational reasons, give us notice as early as possible, so that you can enjoy your relaxing treatment!

Back massage              ca. 25 mins..... € 36.00
Leg massage                 ca. 25 mins..... € 36.00
E5 special massage      ca. 30 mins..... € 38.00


New Year 2017

Skihütte Zams Hüttenbuch ansehen
SCHIHÜTTE ZAMS Pächter Fam. Doberauer | Langesberg 2 | 6511 Zams | Tirol | +43 (0) 5442 / 61 300 | info@skihuette-zams.at